Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How you can help in changing the world

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"-Mahatma Gandhi

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Entrepreneurs change the world. Let me say it again “ Entrepreneurs change the world”.

There is nothing great or amazing that happen in business or in the way that people create careers, create income, create a lifestyle that wasn’t originated from an  Entrepreneur.

And here the strange thing that happens, Entrepreneurs even though they should be celebrated, most of the time Entrepreneurs are given a hard time.

While they changing the world for everyone. Entrepreneurs are put down, they’re talked bad about, they are discouraged or people try to discouraged them. They try to distract them. They try to get them off track.


You have people who aren’t Entrepreneurs telling the Entrepreneur, “Oh you shouldn’t be doing that, that’s crazy, you know just  get a real job.

Even though the Entrepreneurs are the one who are changing the world.

You know the one thing that  I love about  Entrepreneurs so much, and in network marketing, I believe that network marketers are super Entrepreneurs.

They are entrepreneurs on another level.


But the thing that I love so much about Entrepreneurs is even though it’s lonely sometimes, even though it’s frustrating sometimes, even though most people, other people don’t get it sometimes, they still have the courage to follow their dreams, they still have the courage to say you know what? I know I have a better way. I know I can help other people.

Because here’s what we do inside network marketing.

We free people from desperate lives. We rescue people from bad situations. We give people hope when they are hopeless. We give people direction when they are directionless. We give people joy when they were just robots going through the motion. We pull people out of the matrix and we show them that we have a better way.

It’s when Entrepreneur inside of network marketing make a decision and decide “ You know what? I’m gonna do this”.

That decision changes the world. That one decision changes the world.

You making that decision changes the world.

Because, it starts with your product, or  your services and it starts to change a person’s lives and a person’s experience.

Benefits happens to that person because of your product and services and then people get involve in your business and they start to dream again. They start to hope again, they start to see a better vision for themselves and their family and for the world again.

And isn’t it that our purpose? Is to kind of, light people up, take people whose candle is almost gone out and we give it new life.

That’s what we do.

So, even though people give you a hard time, even though people don’t understand and even though people will try to discouraged you, you know to swayed you from doing something. Distract you from your purpose, don’t believe it. Let them say what they want.

You just don’t believe it, because we do have a better way.

We do have, we are changing the world. You and I together, every single day We’re changing the world.

That’s something worth doing.

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  1. more and more people are venturing to the business world. entrepreneurs should not feel bad at all since they are the ones making money in the comforts of their homes, they are their own bosses and they handle the money fist hand.

  2. It's been always great to be an Entrepreneurs

  3. It's hard to be entrepreneurs as you also need capital and invest so much time. It's also important to come up with fresh ideas.

  4. I have nothing but respect for entrepreneurs. It looks so good from the outside - your own time, your own money, your own decisions - but it does take a lot of work and dedication. It's also a huge risk getting into business, and it takes work for that risk to pay off.

  5. I come from a family of entrepreneurs so I know exactly what you are talking about. It's not as easy as it sounds though, right?

  6. I've actually planning to be an entrepreneurs for a long term, the best thing is I can also be a public service while engaging a business. Great ideas!